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The Woollyverse is an alternative universe created from socks lost on Earth. When their number exceeded a critical mass a new universe was created. Life was created from the intensification of sound, moisture and light, bringing the Woolies to life! The collection consists of images, audio and video (subtitles) podcasts. A collection featuring the Woolly Rock Icons that have shaped rock history on the ground. Meet Billy Sweater, Jimi Hendwool and Janis Woolplin and others. Collect all the heroes of the Woollyverse and learn about their stories, and their impact on the world as we know it!
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Rita Wooldige, a graduate of Fluffida State University, initially shone on stage with her sisters, Priscilla and Linda, forming the harmonica trio The Wooldige Sisters. Her woolly magic performances around Memfluff caught the attention of well-known producers, with whom she moved to Los Angewools. In this urban weave of magical fibres, she quickly became a respected backing vocalist for other stars in their musical spells. Her voice has intertwined with the melodies of Joe Woocker, Bob Twillan, Jimi Hendrwool and many more!

About 40-50 years ago, Rita Wooldige performed alongside Kris Threadwoolson, with whom she intertwined her life. Together, they won two awards for their harmonious duets

In this way, Rita Wooldige from Woollyversum, with her woolly passion and extraordinary abilities, wove her life with music, inspiring and enchanting everyone around her with her magical melodies.

(Verse 1)
In a world where dreams are spun,
Underneath the woolen sun,
You and I, we've just begun,
Woven hearts, together one.
Our love, a melody,
In Woollyversum, wild and free.
Like threads entwined eternally,
Your love lifts me, higher we see.
(Verse 2)
Through the valleys, soft and deep,
Past the hills where shepherds keep,
Our whispers in the wind will sweep,
In this land where woolen dreams leap.
In the tapestry of time,
Your heart's woven next to mine.
With every thread, our souls align,
In this woolen world, so divine.
Our love, a melody,
In Woollyversum, wild and free.
Like threads entwined eternally,
Your love lifts me, higher we see.
Woven hearts, under woolen skies,
In our world, love never dies.
Together we soar, together we rise,
In Woollyversum, our paradise.

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