• Creator: Pan Winyl
  • Token Name: VINYL Token
  • Symbol: VINYL
  • Type: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Polygon
  • Address: 0xbfc67397ae5f278cd9c51520af521febefa42bce
  • Max Supply: 10 billion
  • View on PolygonScan
About the VINYL Token
The VINYL token is the social token for Pan Winyl's community. Anyone engaging with Pan Winyl's web3 ecosystem is eligible to receive VINYL tokens on a weekly basis.

To earn VINYL token, you can:
  • Hold an NFT of Pan Winyl,
  • Follow Pan Winyl on Lens
  • Hold a key on JamFrens,
  • Follow Pan Winyl on Audius
  • And more...

Pan Winyl
Pan Winyl
Author of 'The Vinyl Book', CEO POLVINYL - vinyl + NFT. Co-author of Digtal Vinyl. Vinyl and NFT Collector!
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What are Creator Tokens?
Creator tokens are ERC20 tokens, minted & airdropped on Polygon. All tokens are non transferable, meaning the token can only be sent and received by allowlisted wallets or the P00LS protocol.
Where can I view my creator tokens?
You can view the tokens in your wallet on Polygonscan or by importing the tokens to your wallet using the smart contract address.
Where can I use my creator tokens?
The tokens are fully composable on web3 3rd party platforms, allowing you to use the tokens you've earned to access token utility gated exclusively to token holders.
How to get creator tokens?
Eligible Holders
Anyone who engages with a creators web3 ecosystem can be eligible for rewards. If they are holding an NFT, following on Sound XYZ, or any other engagements that creators add as Rewards. Tokens cannot be bought.

To see if you are eligible to earn tokens, you can view the Rewards listed below.

Weekly Distribution & One time Airdrops
Tokens are distributed weekly to eligible holders. You may also be eligible for one time airdrops when a creator opts-in for one time rewards.

Fully On-Chain
Tokens are automatically airdropped to wallet addresses on-chain.
What is P00LS?
P00LS is a social token protocol for creators active in web3. With P00LS, creators can mint a token and reward their community for holding their latest NFT, buying their Friend.Tech keys, following then on Sound.xyz or engaging with them on Lens.